About Us

LilyHemp is dedicated to sourcing unique, premium Industrial Hemp products.

Why? Because we believe that this wonderful plant has the potential to improve the quality of your life, the health of our planet and the state of our economy.

How? Its roots dig deep to aerate the soil and regenerate it by drawing out toxins.  It is a hearty plant which does not require as much water and fertilizer as other agricultural crops. From its fibrous stalks to its redolent flowers, every part of hemp can be used to make numerous goods.

Its seeds and hemp hearts are a true superfood having an ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, high levels of Vitamins A, C, and E, are rich in protein, beta-carotene, carbohydrates, fiber, and minerals, and provide some compounds believed to lower high blood pressure.

Hemp fabric is breathable, anti-microbial, releases perspiration quickly, very durable and gets softer and softer with wear.

Buildings made from hempcrete, a combination of the inner woody core of the stalk and a lime-based binder, have a low carbon footprint, are more energy-efficient, non-toxic, and resistant to mold, insects, and fire.

If used to make paper, an acre of hemp (which typically grows to maturity in 4 months) saves 4 acres of trees (which takes 20 to 80 years).  Additionally, hemp paper can be recycled 7 times versus 3 times for wood pulp paper.

Hemp can also serve as an alternative for edible oil, biodiesel fuel, fabric, plastic, and insulation.

Since all the products that can be produced from hemp and it’s benefits to people, the economy and our planet are too numerous to mention, we at LilyHemp encourage you to educate yourself about Industrial Hemp, buy and use products made with American grown hemp to support our farmers and entrepreneurs who are bringing this amazingly versatile plant back into our every day lives, and write or call your legislators to tell them to end the prohibition of Industrial Hemp.

After all, even our forefathers were fans of hemp!