LilyHemp AFS™ Gourmet Oral Sprays


LilyHemp AFS™ Gourmet Oral Spray
Flavor of the Month — January 2019 CILANTRO LIME
Our flavors of the month are made in small batches and are wildly popular so get ’em while supplies last! Infused with our proprietary Activated Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoids from hemp, LilyHemp AFS™ Oral Spray calms and alleviates many of life’s issues by enhancing your Endocannabinoid System with the goal of bringing your body into perfect balance and wellness. Use as desired. We recommend starting with 1 or 2 sprays inside your cheek as needed throughout the day. (10% by volume of CBD per spray) 10ml bottle

LilyHemp your way to a better quality of life. Experience the Difference!

NOTE: Our LilyHemp AFS™ Gourmet Oral Spray is made with all-natural, non-GMO, FDA approved, food-grade flavorings and other premium ingredients.

LilyHemp Basic Dosing Suggestions



LilyHemp products are developed with AFS™, our proprietary, Activated Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Oil uniquely formulated to work with your individual needs to help you to recuperate and to bring your body into balance or homeostasis and wellness.

We believe it will make such a positive difference for you and/or your pets, we provide a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all LilyHemp AFS™ powered products.

LilyHemp your way to feeling great!


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AFS™ Gourmet Oral Spray

Basil Blueberry, Cilantro Lime, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, Orange Chai, Vanilla Mint


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