Oliver’s PetCalm by LilyHemp


Calm and soothe your pet’s anxieties caused by loud noises, separation, and unfamiliar environments.  With our unique formulation, PetCalm also enhances skin and coat.  Spray on food, treats or directly into your pet’s mouth to infuse their lives with the wholesome goodness provided by our proprietary blend of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, MCT, CBD and minerals.  Dose is one spray of PetCalm per 10 lbs of pet (5% by volume of CBD per spray) 60 ml bottle

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LilyHemp products are developed with AFS™, our proprietary, Activated Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Oil uniquely formulated to work with your individual needs to help you to recuperate and to bring your body into balance or homeostasis and wellness.

We believe it will make such a positive difference for you and/or your pets, we provide a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all LilyHemp AFS™ powered products.

LilyHemp your way to feeling great!


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